Is your property and FM efficient and adding value to your core business?

Your Property

Property related expenditure accounts for the second highest area of spend in most organisations and there is a real need to continually find efficiencies and improvements to maintain a competitive advantage and work within reduced budgets. As such even relatively small percentage reductions can be quite significant in terms of cash savings. We will help you save money and improve the use of your property for the long term benefit for your business, customers and staff.

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  • Is your property efficient & affordable?
  • Is your property well managed and safe?
  • Is it aligned with core business objectives?
  • Is your property sustainable?
  • Does it reflect your organisational values?
  • Does it send out the right message to your customers and staff?

Our approach to property and facilities management provides the following key benefits:

Reduced Property & FM Costs

Assess current management arrangements, supply chain and space utilisation...

More Productive Environment

Through innovative design and management of the workspace create a more inspiring....

Improved Customer Experience

Improve customer access and quality of their experience through property...

Generate Capital Receipt

Through the creative sale of surplus assets generate capital to reinvest...   

More Sustainable Image

Reduce carbon emissions through improved management, controls...

Flexible Fee Structure

Fee structure from daily rates and fixed fees through to outcome/performance...

FM Manangement Solutions have successfully completed projects for the following organisations: